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If you love the look of brush lettering but haven't had the time (or known how) to start, this course is for you. If you’re craving custom lettered home decor and gifts without dropping a pretty penny, this course is for you. If you just like to have fun and learn or improve your creative skills, hey- this is for you too.

You don't need any fancypants skills or pretty handwriting to join in. And you don't need to search for supplies and second guess you've got the right tools to letter. We’re starting from the ground up.

Here's what you'll accomplish. You will:

  • Understand the difference between brush lettering, calligraphy (and faux!), and typography and what that means for you.
  • Choose your tools by comparing my top picks, the results each creates, and where to easily purchase just what you need (with examples, of course).
  • Understand basic lettering terms and ‘rules’ (learn the rules to break them, right?)
  • Learn how to best hold your pen- with videos, tips, and exercises
  • Learn & practice the 9 basic strokes- not just up and down
  • Master joining strokes to make letters
  • Practice each letter in 6 unique styles
  • Easily connect letters to make words
  • Learn how to add your personal style to your lettering with twelve small variations that make a big difference
  • Gain confidence in flourishing with a simple breakdown of types and WHERE they are best added
  • Understand composition and layout of lettered designs (including a video tutorial on how to use tracing paper to get to the perfect composition for your project)

Lettering is exciting (of course!) but at the end of this course, I want you to put your skills into action in new and exciting ways. I've included bonus tutorials on:

  • Watercolour lettering
  • ‘Faux’ Brush Lettering (so you can make rad DIY on any surface!)

What exactly is included? These are the big three:

  • A 50+ page practical workbook PDF you can print over and over (full of examples, traceables, and lots of variations)
  • Course Modules break down learning into bite size pieces to take you from picking a pen to flourishing
  • Video tutorials and examples ranging from holding your pen to connecting letters to reworking a composition to finished design

Ready to make this the year you nurture your creativity and expand your lettering skills? 

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Here's What Others Have to Say:

"COLLEEN! This is 100 times better than any other resources I’ve seen out there, including full courses. It’s amazing!

I love the practice strokes you show. I’ve never seen #6 shown, and that shape has totally messed me up in the past. I also really like the other nine basic strokes. I’ve never seen it broken down like that before - and those are exactly the kinds of stokes that totally mess me up when I try to practice letters, because I’ve only been shown how to practice the first two of the practice strokes. I love how you show all of the letters, and give instructions for how to use this to trace over it and continue practicing."

-Kyla, kylaroma.com-

"I have taken calligraphy workshops using nibs and ink, and although it was fun to try something new, it was a little intimidating! Learning brush lettering with Colleen was so more my speed. Her tips on lettering made me feel in control so I could have fun with it while I was learning!"

-Dawn, revelandglitter.com-

"I have admired Colleen's hand lettering for ages - girl has got some serious talent! I was super excited that she’s finally teaching the rest of us her secrets. Colleen is a wonderful teacher. Everything is laid out so well and you don't need any super fancy materials to get started. This is such a fun hobby - I can't wait to keep practicing and refining my skills! Thanks Colleen!"

-Gemma, thesweetestdigs.com-

"Colleen's style of teaching really resonates, and the level of thought and detail she puts in is evident from start to finish. Students in Colleen's local brush lettering workshop were incredibly pleased, even if they never picked up a brush pen before. Colleen’s work will help you create beautiful brush lettering!"

-Calli & Bri, MakeShift Kamloops-

Want to give this as a gift? Do that here: https://gum.co/gift-brush-lettering

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Learn Brush Lettering

0 ratings